Friday, January 17, 2014

False Prophets, Book of Mormon Zombies, and Nervous Turtles

Kirkus Reviews recently published a review of False Prophet, praising its "lighthearted but rewarding humor" and calling it "blatantly critical of Mormonism." Tee hee! Here's an excerpt:

Carrie’s amateur sleuthing, however, results in the novel’s best sequence: A pregnant prowler, in her third trimester and clad all in black, she doesn’t creep into a crime scene—she waddles. This type of lighthearted but rewarding humor is retained even when Carrie is working with Ryan: During an unofficial undercover gig, he mistakes the expectant mother’s desperate need for a bathroom break as trepidation.
This novel scores big not because of its mystery but due to its pregnant protagonist and her inexorable fortitude. Read more here.

Also, around 30 of us went to see The Book of Mormon on stage here in San Francisco this past weekend. Here's a picture of some of us right after the show and before the "effect" had worn off.
It's true--we really are brainwashed
Afterwards we marched single-file with arms outstretched to Club 93 for even more light-mindedness, also some truth serum.

It was there that we began what would become a weeklong discussion of Mormon-themed cinema and the inevitable comparison of Parker and Stone's musical to efforts like the LDS version of Pride and Prejudice, Duck Beach, and Mobsters and Mormons--works so embarrassingly bad that we're surprised the Brethren haven't locked them away in the church vault along with Joseph's seer stones and the Book of Abraham papyri.

And then--what do you know--we all learned that they've released a new temple movie! Since none of us were worthy enough to attend the premier we were left to speculate--in our own inimitable way. According to the San Francisco Post-Mormons, the new version features the voice of Yoda, a nervous turtle, Pope Francis in the role of Satan, and copious repetitions of the descriptive "bullshit."

And the year's only just begun!

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  1. Ambitious, aren't they? Some words from the link. "Instead, temples are used for the faith's highest and most sacred ordinances, such as marriage, and making covenants with God to be more like Jesus Christ."
    What, like "God give me more money and I promise I'll be more like Jesus."?
    I love the glowing eyes in the picture. Definitely under the influence of something or other. :)

    1. Yes, Jono, the Mormons are ambitious, and not big on humility.

  2. I read the Deseret News article. The article is plain enough but the comments cracked me up. A few of the commenters are so excited to see the new film. Really?? OMG these people need to get out more.

    My favorite comment:
    "I go to the Temple to do vicarious redeeming work for the dead, not to be entertained...

    1. Ha! What a blowhard. It's hard to say what's more ridiculous about this whole scenario--people being entertained or people taking it seriously.

  3. Wow a new film? Maybe Adam is better looking in this one. It seemed in both films Eve kept the guys attention- at least over at RFM thats what the males claim. I'd like to see a sexy Adam and an even sexier Satan... could make things more interesting...

    1. I know. We may need to make our own. :)

    2. I like the idea of making our own film! It must have been sexy Eve that kept me going back. ;o)

      Can we add more roles into our film? Three characters just isn't adequate.