Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Relief Society Book Club Time!

To: Abbottsville Fourth Ward
From: Sister Susan Renfro, Ward Relief Society President
Subject: December book club titles

Next month sisters in the Go Sit in the Corner for women  book club may choose from the following titles:

Her Own Once Upon a Time
by President Uberdork

Before she can find her "happily ever after," Princess Eternal must first face adversity, mulch a bed of forget-me-nots, and learn the sole value of a woman's remarkables.

Take THAT Science
by Zelph Sorenson

In the tenth installment of the Captain Moroni series, Scienceman and his band of evil doctoral candidates invade Bountiful, Utah and threaten to spread their pernicious theories of evolution, global warming, and cholesterol. Fearing that the fair citizens of Bountiful will be exposed to facts, the mayor sends for Captain Moroni who bravely saves the day, donning his Title of Liberty cape and conking the evil-doers over the head with his horn.

When Rulon Met Merrilee
by Shirlyn Frost

When Rulon and Merrilee embark on a cross-country road trip from Ogden to Provo, it seems they have nothing in common. That is, until Rulon tells a knock-knock joke that almost makes Merrilee giggle. They both turn red and apologize. After that, they arrive in Provo, shake hands goodbye and never see each other again.

If you would like to stop receiving these emails, we'll send you our best knock-knock jokes.
(Or you could check out False Prophet--hint, hint)


  1. I'm afraid to ask, but ... what are "remarkables"? Is it some kind of euphemism? Something you sell at a craft fair? A casserole?

    That Ogden to Provo drive must have been the most uncomfortable 90 minutes of Merrilee's life.

    1. It could be anything from female body parts to casseroles--whatever they are, I'm pretty sure they're not all that remarkable. As for poor Merrilee--it's pretty hard to write a RomCom for Mormons, given they aren't allowed to laugh or have sex.

  2. "Those are the headlines, now for the rumors behind the news." President Uberdork is certainly a prolific purveyor of something. When did he have time to write all that fantasy when flying?

    1. No kidding, he should have been grounded years ago.