Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Would Be Remiss If I Didn't Take This Opportunity To Thank The Mormons

Recently I got an email from my friend Johnny Townsend. He wrote that it was his anniversary. Not his wedding anniversary, mind you, but the anniversary of his baptism into the LDS Church. While he is happy that he is now beyond Mormonism, he readily acknowledges that some good came of his membership in the church, and every year when that date rolls around, he pauses to appreciate those things: the public speaking experience, the leadership experience, the mission that took him to Italy, his writing career (Dragons of the Book of Mormon is his latest accomplishment), and of course, his husband, who also used to be a Mormon.

I admit, he has a point. Whenever anyone asks me if I regret joining the LDS Church, my answer is an emphatic no. If I hadn't, I would never have met my husband, Mark. Additionally, there was the public speaking experience, and while as a woman, I can't claim any leadership experience, I did learn a few good DIY skills via the Mormons, such as canning fruit and some sewing techniques that come in handy now and then. Also, as Johnny points out, it's been a terrific subject to blog and write about. And I have some close believing LDS friends who are dear to me--ones who even read, but don't flip out over my blog!

But--other than Mark--I think the best thing about being a Mormon is that now I get to be an ExMormon!

Take this Sunday, for example.

In the morning, the 3 gourmands (Sarah, Eric and me) held our annual cooking marathon. This year it was Beef Wellington.

Sarah and Eric rolling the beef 
It was way more fun than Relief Society.
 Then in the afternoon, 50 of us packed into our tiny house for another amazing SuperBowl party.

This is just the kitchen
Here's the thing. When you're an ExMormon you can eat and drink whatever you want.

Also you can party on Sunday!

The kids can even wear play clothes!

These balloons are still on my ceiling.
But the best part is finding like-minded friends here in San Francisco as well as all over the internet. Some of them even vote for their favorite blogs and books in the Brodie Awards!

So I would indeed be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to thank the Mormons. Also if I didn't wish my son a happy 32nd birthday today!
He gave me this mug for my birthday one year.
And, of course, because it's my blog, I must also shamelessly boast that my book, False Prophet, got another 5 star review, this time from reviewer Jack Magnus on Readers' Favorite:

"There's a scene where Ryan infiltrates the Oakland Temple as part of his investigation, which is an inspired blend of adventure and high comedy. The mixed emotions Carrie feels about being a Mormon, generally, and supporting Prop 8, specifically, helped this reader understand to some degree how rank-and-file Mormons are compelled to follow their church leaders' strictures under threat of being ostracized." Read the entire review here.

And if I have offended any of you--switch to KBYU.


  1. Congrats on the Brodie nominations Donna. They are well-deserved and I'm heading over there now to vote.

    Also congrats on the excellent reviews that you're getting on False Prophet! I love that temple scene. It made me laugh out loud.

    1. Thanks AT. I'm glad that thanks to me you were finally able to enjoy a temple session. ;)

  2. i admit that it all sounds like fun on the surface. . . but more fun than Relief Society? For real? And besides, would you have the adorable Bronco or Seahawk mascot fashoined from a [new and unused] Tampax as a souvenier that you made yourself? (Sister Adamson had a hysterectomy two months ago, so she brought her no longer needed two-year supply for the entire Relief Society to use.)

    1. OMG - Alexis that's so creative! What to do with those leftover tampons. I see a potential blog post in both of our futures. :)

  3. My aunt's ward made rendeer ornaments with them. The were heinous.

  4. That was a great review of False Prophet.

  5. Too funny! Tampons on the Christmas tree. I hope they don't get wet.