Friday, February 28, 2014

Recognizing The Gay Agenda

To: Abbottsville Fourth Ward
From: Sister Millie Loomis, self-appointed ward media and culture critic
Subject: Hollywood and The Gay Agenda

Recently a brave Mormon woman fell under intense fire for calling the movie, Frozen, a tool of The Gay Agenda. Sadly, I can't say I'm surprised. Because while Frozen screams gay to most faithful Latter-day Saints, the nonmember community has been fooled into believing the opposite.

Thoroughly brainwashed by TGA, the army of non-Mormon sycophants argues that the Disney movie is a brilliantly conceived masterpiece that merely encourages children to be themselves. Lame, I know, but we must remember that these poor confused souls are merely pawns of The Vast Homosexual/Transgender Conspiracy.

Bottom line, The Gay Agenda will stop at nothing in its ruthless advance toward its ultimate goal: Turning the whole world GAY!

Hungry for more recruits, The Gay Agenda continues to infiltrate the mainstream media via seemingly talented, intelligent, and accomplished celebrities, statesmen, philanthropists, corporate heads, so-called religious leaders, and a host of other unfortunate lemmings whom it's tricked into championing its cause.

That's because The Gay Agenda is not above employing humility, scientific fact, poise, logic, reason, and other sneaky, underhanded anti-Mormon tactics.

Thanks to them, Frozen, has made record sales at the box office. Also these other totally gay movies:
  • American Hustle -- a thinly-veiled vehicle of The Gay Agenda, its leading man parades around in a girly-wig. 
Look at me! I'm gay!!!!
  • Despicable Me 2 -- a so-called family-friendly film, it features "mutilated minions," a non-gender specific "TNT loaded shark rocket" and ends with a bouncy rendition of "Y.M.C.A." How gay is that?!!
  • Captain Phillips -- starring Tom Hanks (that's just gay to begin with) and a bunch of men in close confines waving their pistols. (Do you see how sneaky they are?)
  • Monuments Men -- Another group of pansy men -- only this time they're all oo-ing and aw-ing over art. Well, Cate Blanchett is in it too, only she's the manliest of them all.  
Can you tell the boys from the girls? I can't.
  • Blue Jasmine -- Yet another effort from that famous pawn of TGA, Woody Allen, who has devoted his career to normalizing immorality. I know. I've seen every one of his films. At least twice.
And then to top it off, this Sunday's Oscars will be hosted by a lesbian. As a public service, I intend to watch the entire show. Just so I can tell everyone how GAY it is. 

If you would like to stop receiving these emails, we'll assume you've been exposed to too many scientific facts.

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  1. I think I'll put my hair up in those hair curlers from "American Hustle", just to horrify Sister Loomis.

    :: hums the Village People's "YMCA" ::

    1. Having read Ms. Skaggs blog post I can only hope she gets the treatment she needs. What a load of twisted, conspiratorial crap.Someday soon I'll get to see the movie, but I watch it for the animals in it. I suppose they are gay, too. I'll ask my Fjord horses if the ones in the movie are light in the horseshoes.

    2. You are brave to complete her entire post--it goes on for the length of a bible, and as you say, it is twisted conspiratorial crap! I did my best to read to the end, but confess my eyes glazed over a time or 2.

    3. Ward Gossip needs a "Like" button.

  2. So that means "Brother Bear"is about transgender persons or bears or whatever. He changes into something else he loves being... I have kids=we watch Disney=)

    THAT SKAGGS WOMAN BOTHERS ME. All caps. She deserves all caps.

  3. My Gay Agenda:
    5:30 am get out of bed
    Go to work
    Eat lunch
    Work some more
    Come home
    Get into pajamas
    Eat dinner
    Have an adult beverage
    Watch tv (preferably gay tv)
    Go to bed
    wash repeat...

    1. That's one scary agenda! And according to Sister Skaggs, it's probably all gay TV.