Monday, July 11, 2011

White And Delightsome

To: Abbottsville Fourth Ward and the wonderful people who read Ward Gossip
From: Donna Banta
Subject: A new blog

In addition to posting the e-mails I receive from the Abbottsville Fourth Ward, I am now one of the three insanely talented contributors on the newly revamped site:

White and Delightsome: Awkward and peculiar Mormon erotica. Fictional satire. Obviously.

Read posts written by Jennifer/The Cognitive Dissenter, a wonderful writer who is for now anonymous, and me!!

As always you may expect the same literary excellence and high brow commentary. (snort)

Check it out!!


  1. I just got back from visiting your new blog. Two words: Sheer genius.

    I mean, my visit was sheer genius. For, once again, I have proven that I know where to go on the net to make my day.

  2. LOL Thanks Paul, you do have excellent taste. ;)

  3. Donna, will you run away with Canada to me? White and Delightsome is the highest of humor writing.

  4. Woot woot! Awesome. And all that!

    That Merrilee ... do I know her? (snort!)

  5. Diana, that is the highest of compliments coming from a talented blogger like you!

    CD, "and we've only just begun . . ."

  6. Today begins my secret lust for Merrilee, for how can I resist her comely, surgically enhanced bosom?

    Ooops! Did I say that out loud?

  7. Paul, your in a safe zone. Say whatever you want and I'll keep your secret! BTW thanks for being our first commenter.

  8. I'm heading over right now! This should be really good.

  9. I just heard about the White and Delightsome blog, and wanted to check it out. Now that I know you are involved, Donna, it is a must!!

  10. Diane -- you are so sweet. We're all ready having "too much fun" with it!