Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Most Milquetoast Generation

Some years ago, Mark and I attended a book club discussion at a local Unitarian Church. Because our topic was Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer, there were several former Mormons in attendance -- a young man in his twenties, a thirty-something woman, Mark and I (in our late forties), a woman in her sixties, and a gentleman in his eighties. Those in the group who had never been Mormon were intrigued by the following exchange:

Twenty-year-old man: When I was a Mormon I was told that I was a member of the most righteous generation, charged with the assignment of ushering in the apocalypse.

Thirty-something woman: I was told that too.

Mark and I: So were we.

Woman in her sixties: So was I.

Gent in his eighties: Me too.

Now, doubters and anti-Mormons might jump to the erroneous conclusion that this is yet another example of the Mormons' penchant for passing down lies to their children. But last night, over wine and cioppino at Annabelle's, Mark and I came to a different conclusion.

Try as he might, Heavenly Father hasn't managed to churn out a generation righteous enough to destroy the world.

The Greatest Generation? I don't think so. Baby Boomers? Weren't booming enough. Generations X, Y, and Z? Not too promising either.

Face it, with loser generations like ours in the lineup, the moon won't be turning to blood anytime soon--leaving poor Jesus to roll his eyes, pace back and forth in his heavenly green room and wonder when the hell God is finally going to produce the kind of Mormon talent that is worthy enough to blow us all to smithereens.

We thought that deserved a toast!

Prepare ye, prepare ye for that which is to come, for the Lord is nigh.
Doctrine and Covenants 1:12, revelation given through Joseph Smith, November 1, 1831


  1. Huh! Evangelicals, especially the more hardline ones, also tell their congregants that they must prepare for the impending End Times ... which never come, of course. I think Mormons and evangelicals are using the same play book.

    1. No kidding-nothing very original. They need some new material.

  2. Perhaps each generation brings the world (the church)closer to another great apostasy. Each generation more openly questions the church and it's erroneous claims and white washed history. And once the 'true' church and the 'true' priesthood is gone from the earth God can drop the end times. The greatest generation will be the generation that shines the brightest light on the wrongness of the church.

    1. Right, we can hope for the day when the scare tactics no longer work.

  3. WHEN is your next book to be published?does it reslove any unresloved issues from the prior book?

    Note to anyone who follows me: someone is harassing me anc claiming I'm not "who I say I am" based primarily upon a photo I used being submitted to sites by my grandmother and sold by the photographer who took the picture. (I readily admit my real surname is not Rousseau.) He is contacting my followers. I apologize if you have been contacted.
    Alexis (real first name)

  4. Alexis, haven't heard from anyone. Sorry about cyber-harrassment, though. The next book will hopefully be out in around a month.