Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Annual Brodie Awards/Super Bowl Post

This may be the best Brodie Awards season yet! 2014 boasted a record number of great LDS-themed blogs, books, posts, discussion forums and podcasts. The competition is stiff--starting with eleven sites competing for best new blog! (Including my personal favorite, Sheep Dip.)

I'm thrilled to be nominated in 5 categories this year. But, while I've managed to sneak away with a prize or 2 in years past, I don't expect to win this time around. Just check out some of my competition: Infants on Thrones, Brother Jake, runtu, Peggy Fletcher Stack (!!!), Holly Welker, and even chanson herself. With my name alongside the likes of those and the other talented writers, I am indeed thrilled just to be nominated.
That being said, vote for ME!!
One thing's for certain, this year's awards are proof that Main Street Plaza's Outer Blogness is not only not going away, it's gathering steam. What was it? Those church essays? The cheesy LDS feature length film? Joseph Smith's crazy libido? Kate Kelly's excommunication? Or was it that underwear video? For whatever reason, LDS Church leaders certainly drew attention to themselves this past year, and not always in a good way.

Vote for your favorites here in the Brodie Awards on Main Street Plaza.

Another child is corrupted
Also this past Sunday, Mark and I hosted another ExMormon Super Bowl party, giving me the opportunity to post a series of candid pictures that prove once and for all that we left because we were offended and wanted to sin.

For those of us here on the Left Coast, the Seahawk's loss in the final seconds was a crushing blow. But we jollied ourselves up with much loud laughter, lightmindedness, and evil speaking of the self-appointed--carrying on the grand tradition of partying on Sunday. :)
Everything! Even the ExMormon Funeral Potatoes.
Blue hair looks great without a temple veil

No BYU Beard Card required
 In the name of cheese and rice, amen.


  1. There is nearly boundless material for comedy and satire offered by the LDS , it's a wonder there isn't a Comedy Central series in the works. Good luck on the Brodie awards!

  2. I'm glad to hear you received Brodie Award nominations! Good luck.

  3. Hi Jono and Ahab. I'm afraid I'm way outclassed this year in the Brodie competition, but that's ok, I've had my share of them. It's exciting to see so many great blogs out there, especially humor blogs. Maybe one will end up as a Comedy Central series!

  4. You are so kind, Donna, although I don't think Sheep Dip is a favorite with the exmo's who read MSP. And I vehemently disagree that you are outclassed. : )

  5. Glad you had a fun Super Bowl party in spite of the final score. It makes me hungry just looking at the pictures!
    I don't think you are outclassed in the Brodie categories, just so much going on last year, makes me kind of excited about this year and all that will transpire. Good luck to you :)

  6. I'm really excited that there are so many great exmormon/liberal mormon blogs out there keeping the status quo on their toes!

  7. Congrats on your nominations! I hope you win in all categories!!!!!!! And any excuse to have an exmo gathering is a good one.

  8. Your blog is always my favorite among the Mormon-deprecating humor blogs.(We MUST be Mormon-deprecating in our writings until at least one of them besides Kirby learns to be self-deprecating.)

  9. P.S. When did the voting process open. It now says that it is closed. It reminds me vaguely of North Korean elections, except presumable no one comes after you to put you in a re-education camp for failing to vote for Kim Jung Il or whatever his dumb name is.