Friday, February 27, 2015

We Salute Him

You don't have to be a trekkie to know that the original Star Trek series that debuted in 1966 and ran for only three seasons is now a cult classic. And I mean cult in a good way.

Moreover, you needn't have watched every episode or seen all the movies or attended the conventions to know that Leonard Nimoy, who died today, was a cultural icon.

Star Trek is one of those unique diversions that both entertains and binds us together. Sort of like sports.

For example, say you're at a family reunion where half the relatives are believing Mormons. You can't talk about religion, of course. You can't talk about politics. You can't bring up the weather. (For fear of igniting a global warming vs. God's wrath debate.) You can't agree on appropriate attire or what is an acceptable beverage. In many cases, you can't even talk about yourself because you might be (gasp) gay, or otherwise living in - what the Mormon relatives consider - "sin."

But bring up Star Trek and the mood lightens and the conversation takes off. Everybody has a favorite episode, everyone has a favorite theory, and everyone agrees that Mr. Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, is a classic.

Today we salute him, for inspiring generations of people to forget their differences, dress up in crazy costumes, and just have fun. May he "live long and prosper" in our minds and - despite his possible disapproval - our hearts.

Two obituaries in a row! This better not be a trend. Hoping to go back to humor in March.


  1. We'll miss him. He was an unforgettable icon.

  2. He was brilliant as a "strictly logical" being … with a huge heart. Thank you for this.

  3. My Uncle Steve, who lived with us for awhile until he was married, and even a bit after, when he was in med school because his parents wouldn't help him out in any way financially since he admitted he couldn't pay tithing and rent, was and is a major trekkie. My brother, who would have been about four at the time, would watch Star trek with uncle steve because anything uncle steve liked had to be good. My brother was a bit confused, though, and could never get Mr. Nimoy's name right. he always called him Leemoy Nimoy.

    Rest in peace, Leemoy Nimoy.

  4. Thanks for your comments Ahab, AT, and Alexis. That show certainly left an impact. And Spock was always my favorite.

  5. He has kept my attention for 49 years and I will miss him. Thanks for the nice tribute.

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