Monday, May 27, 2013

Giving Up Emails For Sex

Lately I've been blocking out the Abbottsville Fourth Ward's emails because I've been blocked in general, at least here on Ward Gossip. However, May is sex month over on Ex-Mormon Mavens, and what a month it's been! Turns out we Mavens have so much to say on the subject that sex month is now extending through June. No surprise. It's only fair that ample time be dedicated to a subject that's been the inspiration of most great art, literature, music, theater, and film--as well as the obsession of all toxic and destructive fundamentalist faiths. You may read my contribution here.

I've also disabled the supposedly upgraded google+ comment feature that hid all my readers' comments on my last post. What is with that?


  1. Sex month? Cool. I'll visit Ex-Mormon Mavens soon.

  2. There are some really thoughtful posts on there. Mine is silly satire, of course.

  3. Google has six letters in it, as in 666. Be wary of Google . . . VERY wary.

    I just received your book at home, my mom told me. I'm going to begin reading it when I get home from the hospital tomorrow.

  4. Alexis, I'm sorry you're in the hospital!

    Thank you for ordering my book. I hope you like it!

  5. I'm emjoying your book. I'm not getting through it s fast as I would have desired because my piano professor threw a book about music in relation to the Big Bangm Cosmology, and thcosmic Microwave background And told me I must led a seminar on in during orientation week for new muwic majors, ll of owhom will be expected to have read the book. It will malke less sense tothem than it will to me and,I'm finding it utter bullshit. My mother is reading it as well.She thinks it's B.s> too, but s giving me some angles so i at least have something to discuss. If it hasn't been thrown at the new kids yet, she's recommending something new to mr profesor today.8She's a prof in the samr departmen; less deprtment seniority, but more professional acclaim, so they''re esentially equals.

    Anywy, when I'm deeply into Th girl from Furth Ward, i will hve some uestions. It isn't often that one can sk anauthor directly about a charcter's motivation or anything else. I recognize that it's essentially a for-fun book, but I take everything seriously except for things that are supposed to be taken seriously, which i usually find to be roll-on-the floor funny. My dad has the same trait. Except cancer. he doesn't thnk cancer is funny. Or Walmart. He hates it like it hass 666 pinted on all the externa walls of the building, and the nuber is being broadcst subliminlly inside.

    I blogged abut my imbeciic cousin's wedding except tht i talked more about her ack job dad thn about anything else.

    P.S. Do you foresee a sequel to The Fourth Ward Girls?

    1. Thanks for reading it Alexis! I've finished the sequel and am working on having it published. Just read and commented on your wedding post. :)