Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Single Adult Summer Day Camp!

To: Abbottsville Stake Single Adults
From: Ricky and Mindy Foote, Stake Single Adults Leaders
Subject: It’s Day Camp time, boy and girls!

As always, Mindy and I are honored to serve a group that includes so many near and dear, such as my former seminary teacher, Mindy's old high school principal, Sister Post who helped me earn my Duty to Country badge, and, of course, Mom.

So clear the first week in June, you crazy kids, for the annual Single Adult Summer Day Camp!

Here are just some of the highlights!

Scavenger Hunt!
Dressed in our matching LDS SA Day Camp tee-shirts, we’ll divide into teams and search the Abbottsville Mall for:
an employment application
at least 50 cents found on the floor or in the center court fountain
a french fry (can’t buy it)
team photo with a red-head—extra points if his/her name is Kelly
group shot of everybody in one bathroom stall
and more!

Fun with Silly String, glitter, shaving cream and Magic Sand!


Picnic Day!
Dressed in our matching LDS SA Day Camp tee-shirts, we’ll head over to Abbottsville Park, grill hot dogs and s’mores and then divide into teams for:
potato sack races
leap frog
freeze tag
water balloon toss
toilet paper mummy contest
and more!

Disney Movie Camp!
The Shaggy Dog
Son of Flubber
The Little Mermaid—sing-along version
And more!

*Participation in all events is mandatory. **Attendees must either have a current a temple recommend or have completed the Official Worthiness Questionnaire.  

If you would like to stop receiving these e-mails, you might be required to build a blanket fort.


  1. I read that Modern Mormon Men link. Is it wrong of me to want to slap Mormons who infantilize singles?

    Another good parody!

  2. I neglected to ask if all of the Young Single adult activities will be supervised by people younger than the Young Single Adults, but are qualified to "supervise" people younger than themselves because they are MARRIED, ideally forever whether or not they still actually like each other after the first two weeks.

    1. Alexis, I see a post in your future--one about Mormon kids who've barely started college getting married and therefore feeling superior to the older single adults who are in grad school or have successful careers but are, sadly, unmarried. (snort)

  3. This thread's getting old, but I thought i'd share with you that I have a cousin who is six onths older than I. She turned nineteen in June. she's getting married next month with a whopping twenty-four BYU-Idaho credits (no credits from AP courses in high school because that might have required a functioning brain) under her belt. Her fiance (RM, of course, and homelier than if one were to combine the least attractive features of all the Osmonds put together with those of Mr. Potato Head)has a whopping twelve units of UVU credits. Neither one has any job skills of which to speak. She took a typing test and clocked out a thirty-two correct words a minute. He got fired from one of those auto-lube places for forgetting to put the oil plug back into place on three different cars in one day. One of the cars actually drove off and ruined his engine.

    In thirteen months, barring disaster, I'll be 19 1/2 and starting my first year of medical school. My cousin will be twenty and will have, in all likelihood, spawned her first half-wit. They'll be relying on food stamps to eat. The male half of this idiot couple will be digging both of them into debt to attend BYU-Idaho (I think) and join the CES as a seminary teacher. He'll have, if he's lucky, one out of four years of study under his belt at the end of the year. Knowing him, he'll need the five- or six-year-plan.

    Realistically, I'll finish medical school within a year of the time he gets hs degree and, if he's lucky, the cES finds some hick town that employs a full-time seminary teacher. Meanwhile my cretin cousin will have popped ut her third or fourth kid.

    Yet they'll be superior to me because a) they're married, period; B)they're married for time and all eternity.

    That's putting a happy spin on things and assuming she doesn't notice just how unattrative both his face and peronality are and he doesn't notice just how lacking she is in the most basic knowledge required to get through everyday life.

    1. Alexis, thank you for sharing this. There are so many serious stories out there. Congratulations on your medical school acceptance, good luck! You've made a wise choice.