Monday, February 1, 2010

LDS Young Men are Business as Usual

To: Abbottsville Fourth Ward
From: Craig Smoot, Ward Executive Secretary
Subject: Young Men's Calendar

Because the Young Men's Presidency has again failed to provide me with a calendar by deadline, I will do my best to speculate on this week's activities.

Monday, February 1: Family Home Evening.

Tuesday, February 2, 7PM Bishop Z's house: Window Washing Service Project. Bring wet suits and super-soaker guns.

Wednesday, February 3, 7PM Abbottsville Chapel: Young Men's Night. 7-7:15: Lesson #5: Identifying the Worthy Poor. 7:15-9:00: Basketball.

Thursday, February 4, 7PM Abbottsville Chapel: Whatever.

Friday, February 5, 6PM Abbottsville Chapel: Dinner Dance with the Young Women. Assignment: Show up. On time. Sans B.O.                                                
Saturday, February 6, 10AM Abbottsville State Park: Young Men's Conference. Agenda: the usual, only this time matches are not allowed during the flatulence competition.

Sunday, February 7, 7PM Abbottsville Chapel: Youth Fireside. Brother Homer Samuelson's talk is entitled, Fighting a Tyranny of Tolerance: the Mormons' Crusade against Gay Marriage in California. Bring your righteous indignation.

Announcement: Brad Miller needs volunteers for the Neighborhood Watch Patrol he is conducting for his Eagle Scout Project. Meet at the church this Saturday at 10 PM. Bring night vision goggles, white shoe polish, and an econo-pack of toilet paper.

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