Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Relief Society Book Club Time!

To: Abbottsville Fourth Ward
From: Susan Renfro, Ward Relief Society President
Subject: April Book Club Meeting

Dear Sisters,
Please choose from the following titles:
Go Sit in the Corner
for women

Latter-day Saint sisters can prepare for another interesting read this April with the choice of the following titles from Go Sit in the Corner for women.

The Questions You Should Have Asked
Elder M. Ross Andersen
Second Quorum of the Seventy

Sisters may increase their spirituality, hone their gospel acumen, and obtain further light and knowledge by letting Elder Andersen answer the questions they should have asked. -- As opposed to the questions they usually ask, that make no sense and only lead to trouble.

Just a Mother!
Melinda Price Maxwell

Former cable news weather-girl, Melinda Price Maxwell, recalled the time she attended a stylish soiree on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The exclusive guest list included LDS celebrities, athletes, billionaires, Republican politicians, talk show hosts, Gladys Knight and the descendants of the first handcart company. Over dinner, Melinda asked the wife of an LDS billionaire, "What do you do?" "I'm just a mother," the woman replied. In that moment, Melinda's life changed. Follow the true life story of this amazing woman who traveled the globe, mixed with top journalists and A-list celebrities, flew into the eye of a hurricane, and almost had a date with Ben Affleck. Then cry when you read how she gave it all up to marry a humble returned missionary and settle down to be, Just a Mother!  
***Sisters who choose this title will receive a free ticket to Melinda's Just a Mother! Twenty State Speaking Tour, as well as a sample of her new Just a Mother! fragrance line.

Zion's Last Outpost
General William "The Wall" Smith, (Ret.)

Our saga begins in the Pre-Existence, where Hank and Sally meet at a ward Mix and Mingle, vow their eternal love, then promise to find each other on earth and build a global media empire that will spread Gospel truths. Fast forward to the last days, when evil liberal commentators have the entire country drinking their Kool Aid. Meanwhile the White House is in the hands of the descendant of some morally bankrupt intellectual free-thinkers from Kansas. And the Constitution hangs by a thread. Hank and Sally meet again, this time at a Washington D.C. ward Mix and Mingle. Sally is dropped off by limo. Hank arrives via helicopter. But their reunion is spoiled when Hank discovers that Heavenly Father sent Sally to earth in a body with chunky thighs and inconsequential breasts. Add to that, their former bishop in the Pre-Existence is now an alcoholic, down on his luck talk show host who has yet to find the truth. Will Hank overcome his fear of cellulite? Will Sally resort to silicon implants and liposuction? Will the talk show host throw off his sinful ways, accept the Gospel, and sign on with Hank and Sally's media empire? Will the White House again be "delightsome?" Will the Constitution ever be restitched? Check out this riveting page turner to find out.

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