Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't forget to vote!

To: Abbottsville Fourth Ward and the wonderful people who follow my blog.
From: Donna Banta
Subject: The 2010 Brodie Awards

The 2010 Brodie Award nominations have been announced, and Ward Gossip is nominated for Best Humor Site/Blog, and also for Best Humor Piece. Please read all the great nominees in these categories -- then vote for ME!!! ;-)

Seriously though, there are some incredibly good Mormon-themed blogs nominated this year, and I feel very honored to be among them. Check out all the categories, and please read every entry before voting in each. The competition is pretty stiff.

Polls close Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 21:00 GMT.

Vote now!


  1. Thanks for the notice Donna. I was pretty stoked to get nominated for a few things as well. I'm looking at the stats and all two of my fans have voted so it's pretty exciting.

    You're neck and neck with Eliza Stitch so good for you!!

    I wasn't aware of the awards till last year when the winners were chosen and I never thought my stuff would enter the radar so it's sort of heady.

    As always, your blog is one of the best and most fun. When I'm done writing the painful stuff I plan to focus more intently on the silliness and fun. I'm almost there. Maybe when I've been out as long as you have the pain won't sting so much and I can just be more light hearted.

    You're what I hope to become!! How's that for heady?

  2. Thanks Insana D. I really enjoy your blog, and am fairly certain you have more than 2 fans. lol

    Somebody over on MSP mentioned that he thought there were too many nominees in Brodies, and that some would vote without reading all the material. I hope that people who vote will take the time to read all the nominations, particularly in the categories that feature individual posts. -- I noticed both of our "kitten" posts were up there. We'll have to be sure and thank BKP for that. ;-)

    I still have painful feelings about the church. I think I'm over it, then something comes up (like the Krakauer book or more recently, the discovery that Mark's old bishop covered up a child abuser) and my anger resurfaces. I don't think any amount of laughter will make it go away for good.

  3. While you were writing your kitten post I was writing mine but I posted it in Postmo for a few days before I put it on my blog. Then it lookedlike I was copying you. Then I wrote a piece about Christmas newsletters a few yrs. ago but re-posted it the same day you posted yours and again, i'm a copycat. I guess great minds think alike. Maybe we were twins separated at birth. Or we think so much alike it's like we share half a brain together.

    I like the lists there on the MSP site because the great essays, videos, etc. are all laid out and ready to be enjoyed. So many that I wasn't aware of before.

  4. Too funny. We do think (fiendishly) alike. How can either of us possibly avoid making fun of BKP's kitten or those idiotic letters. Haven't read your newsletter post yet. I'll check it out this afternoon.

  5. Thank you for nominating me, dear Donna! I am not familiar with all the blogs and posts so did not vote in all categories, but I did cast some votes for Ward Gossip. I love your blog!

  6. Thanks CD, I love your blog too. I'm having fun reading the different nominations. There are a lot of writers out there I didn't know about.

  7. I didn't put the newsletter on my blog. You can read it here:

  8. Thanks Insana D, I went looking for it and couldn't find it. :-)