Monday, January 24, 2011

Thanks For Voting!

To: The wonderful people who read my blog
From: Donna Banta
Subject: Thanks for voting -- for ME!

Thanks to all of you who voted for me in the Brodie Awards. I was amazed to see that I won in the Funniest Humor Piece category, and grateful that so many voted for me for Best Humor Blog. (I'll spare you the usual tears, references to my humble beginnings, and political statements.-- If you read my blog, you put up with enough baloney as it is.)

The ex-Mormon blogging world has many excellent sites to visit, and I am extremely grateful to those of you who spend time on mine.

Of course, such prestigious recognition will surely enrage the TBM's of the Abbottsville Fourth Ward, meaning I probably won't be taken off their e-mail list any time soon . . . and you may expect more silliness. ;-)


  1. Congrats Donna! I always look forward to your posts and appreciate your wonderful humor. It's been fun and very healing. Thank you.

  2. Congrats Donna!! I had no idea the Brodie Awards existed until last year. It's sure fun to be noticed, even if it's by a very few people. I think you and I could really co-author some hilarious stuff. Perhaps we should do a dual piece of pseudo correspondence. Maybe a question and answer game? YOu pose a good question about Mormon culture and I'll give it my best explanation. Then I'll return the favor and you give it a whirl.

    Yes, we should definately send BPK a thankyou note for giving us so much fodder for humor.

  3. Thanks CD, I enjoy your blog too. Insana D, I'll come up with a question for you. And we all (feminists, gays and so-called intellectuals, that is) owe BKP a huge debt.

  4. Hey Donna, I'm going to start a humor blog and just post my silliest stuff as well as links to other bloggers and sites where the funny exists. Maybe you can help me come up with a good name for it.